Philosophy of life:

Life is a series of successions. You live, you learn. You remember to grow, to learn and to love and loved as well. But, above all else, you find yourself in yourself every day.

There is beauty in every day, hope in every moment, and adventures around every corner. We are flawed, and beautifully so.

You are never who you are in this moment, compared to who you were five moments ago.

Most importantly of all though, life is a gift. Jealousy is a wasted emotion, hatred does us no good, and forgiveness is the key to a happy soul. Your mistakes are not the first time they've been made, nor will they be the last. And above all else, honesty is the most important thing you will ever grant yourself in life.

My tumblr reflects my moments in life, philosophy, my hopes and dreams, and the words that can express my emotions.
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My career in name tags with #WNIN! work #Name #Badge #Me #Yes #PubMedia #PBS

My career in name tags with #WNIN! work #Name #Badge #Me #Yes #PubMedia #PBS

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